The 15th Century Equivalent of Your Cat Walking on Your Keyboard

The 15th Century Equivalent of Your Cat Walking on Your Keyboard

I’m in ur manuscript, making a mess! For cat owners, the scene is all too familiar: You sit down to get some work done, and along comes kitty, here to stroll across your keyboard. Now, evidence that cats have been up to this same mischief for six centuries: inky paw prints, gracing a page of the 13th volume of letters.

Nice to see some things never change! :-)

read more… Rebecca J. Rosen – The Atlantic.

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Ming enjoying his Le Canapé sofa from Cat-on

Ming sleeping in the sun on his sofa. So comfy! This is a cat sofa, Le Canapé, from Cat-on.
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Wondrous Wednesday

Is there anything quite as wonderful as the love of a mother cat for her kittens? Isabelle from Kissmollin Cattery takes little Sampo away from Äiti’s hands.

A few days later she’s rescuing him again. Maybe this doesn’t look so good but she is so very gentle.

We can understand why Äiti keeps grabbing him and wanting to hold these tiny little bundles of joy, but methinks I should start to get a little concerned. Especially as she has this picture on her computer desktop.