Safety and freedom!


Your foreign correspondent here from Finland(North). I live in an international household, with some Britcats. One had a rough life as a street cat in Bristol many years ago. Here we do not have free wandering cats as there are rules humans make. They are for our safety as we might get eaten by predators, and in winter it would be very hard for us to survive as the temperature drops to -30′C. So here it is much more common to have cats on leashes when they are outdoors, though of course it is us walking the humans holding them.

I didn’t like the leash so much: it stopped me from stalking tasty snacks. So Äiti, that’s what we call our human, got loads of netting and wire. We now have a safe upstairs balcony and downstairs ‘catio’. Of course we’d like both to be bigger, but it’s a good compromise for us and humans.  It’s also given our shy Britcats the opportunity to breath fresh air and feel the summer sun without the fear of cars.


Generally we think it’s a great idea having the catio – except when the rest of the garden is full of birds and things we want to catch!



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