Ming enjoying his Le Canapé sofa from Cat-on

Ming sleeping in the sun on his sofa. So comfy! This is a cat sofa, Le Canapé, from Cat-on.
We do love their scratchers and cat furniture, they’re great on the claws, really stand up to the punishment we give them and are comfortable for sleeping on. As you can see, Ming is fast asleep in the sun.
Seriously tested by us and highly recommended! Have a look at their lovely furniture at www.cat-on.co.uk

Charlie testing his new wolfybed

winter-berry-wolfybedCharlie got a lovely new bed recently. This sumptuous, soft and lushly padded bed is from Wolfybeds in Tyne And Wear.

They make beautiful dog beds and have a new range of luxury cat beds too. Well, as we’d just ruined one of our beds (ahem – better not tell you how!) the slave had to go and get a new one. So she wanted something comfy for us and easy on the eye.

And this is it, the Winter Berry Wolfybed. With faux suede in winter berry and a soft, thick fleece lining, in cream. Very pretty. I’m not entirely sure how long it’ll look this good.  Charlie has already been sick on it but at least that means we can tell you it washes well. Although the stuffing inside is loose, not made into a pillow shape as in our other beds.

Charlie asleep in his wolfybe

So if you have an insane cat (Harry!) who enjoys diving head first into piles of fluffy white stuff, it might be better to empty the stuffing from the bed in private. Otherwise it’ll be chaos! It took her a while to separate Harry from the filling and the language wasn’t good! :-)

Charlie in his wolfybed

But it all went back together just fine and as you can see, Charlie is loving it. In fact he loves it so much there’s  always trouble over who gets to sleep in it.

He usually wins. Sigh! I’m working on him though, maybe I can persuade him to share.

See more gorgeous cat and dog beds at www.wolfybeds.co.uk

A Sink Bed For Cats!

Now here’s a cool design! If any of our readers are fond of sleeping sinks (you know who you are), well this is just for you! When you curl up in that wonderful, cool, perfectly shaped sink it’s so delicious! But somehow it really seems to annoy the humans (or make them laugh like a drain and start pointing cameras at you – either way, very irritating!)

little cat design ceramic cat bedWell Little Cat Design in the USA have come up with the perfect solution, a cat bed made of ceramic, designed just for the sink lovers among us…
the Cat’s Contour Ceramic Cat Bed.

little cat design ceramic cat bed

Isn’t it fabulous? So thoughtful! It was inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer a.k.a Buffcat who was spending all her time in the bathroom sink. Her humans wanted more quality time with her and came up with this wonderful idea, give Buffcat her own ceramic bed in the living room.

Amazing! Oh for humans like these!

You can read about how they came up with the design for the ceramic bed here.

You can find the beds here at Little Cat Design.

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