Midge an Olympic Contender or Movie Star?

On the day the London Olympics start meet a feline sprinter who loves to run. Midge is one of the Outstanding Rescue Cat category finalists in Cat’s Protection National Cat Awards sponsored by Verdo Cat Litter.

She was the rescue cat no-one wanted but one-eyed puss Midge turned out to have true movie star appeal after being adopted by Martin Humphreys. The story began when Martin took his regular morning jog to the shop and noticed Midge running alongside him. Not only was she enjoying the sprint – she actually appeared to be racing her new owner! Amazed by her sporting prowess, Martin made an acclaimed low-budget film about Midge’s competitive nature, The Great Race, which was shown at the Cannes Film Festival. Martin says: “Midge became more famous than Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt!”

see the video, it’s pretty cool.

Catathon dress-up record attempt

Via Your Cat Blog

Over 200 people took to the streets of Bridgend, south Wales, in an attempt to set an unusual British record. By donning fluffy ears, tails and feline masks, 211 people aimed for a new record for the largest gathering of people dressed as cats. They will find out next month if Guinness World Records will recognize it as an official British record.

The ‘Catathon’ event was organised by Cats Protection’s Bridgend Adoption Centre to raise awareness of the thousands of unwanted cats and kittens that the charity helps to re-home.

Sue Dobbs, ‘Catathon’ organiser and manager of the Cats Protection Bridgend Adoption Centre says: “We’ve had an absolutely fantastic response from the local community – I want to say a big thank you to them all! I hope that everyone had a fun day, but also remember what it’s all about.

“At Cats Protection we see so many cats abandoned because people either don’t understand how to care for an animal, or don’t care. I hope that everyone who supported us this weekend will consider adopting a cat or kitten.”

via Catathon dress-up record attempt | Your Cat Blog.

Hero Cat finalists in the National Cat Awards 2012


Plucky puss Leo sent a would-be thief running with his tail between his legs when he disturbed a burglary at owner John Higgins’ house last December. Awoken by a disturbance in the small hours, the crime-busting puss went to investigate and, on spotting an intruder in the hallway, let out a series of ear-piercing yowls. Well and truly rumbled, the burglar fled the house empty-handed as Leo continued to sound his own unique alarm!

More on the Hero cats… Cats Protection: National Cat Awards 2012: Hero Cat finalists.

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