The kittypod Couchette

The Couchette is a double-sided chaise longue that looks wonderfully elegant. Multiple sides and angles for sharpening claws with wave-edge texture for extra claw appeal.  Great for scratching, sleeping and playing. I imagine it’d be great to throw around too, if you’re BIG like Harry. Not sure the humans would appreciate that though, :-) but they will like it’s elegant good looks.


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Fabulous Sky Scraper Scratching Post

Fabulous scratching post! We do love decent cardboard in our house and to be fair, the humans are pretty good at providing it, but sometimes we feel it should be a little more….. sophisticated!

Like this one….

The Sky Scratcher Chicago  the sky scratcher.

The Sky Scratcher City Skyline pieces have been modelled after two of the largest cities in the USA, Chicago and New York. Made from recycled cardboard and a renewable bamboo, each Sky Scratcher is created without the use of glues or adhesives, so any worn ‘floor’ can easily be replaced. Comes fully assembled and ready to scratch and even has a 2oz bottle of organic catnip spray!

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