Ming enjoying his Le Canapé sofa from Cat-on

Ming sleeping in the sun on his sofa. So comfy! This is a cat sofa, Le Canapé, from Cat-on.
We do love their scratchers and cat furniture, they’re great on the claws, really stand up to the punishment we give them and are comfortable for sleeping on. As you can see, Ming is fast asleep in the sun.
Seriously tested by us and highly recommended! Have a look at their lovely furniture at www.cat-on.co.uk

Elevation from Whisker Studio.

Elevation is an ultra-modern cat tower that uses an Ikea pole and brackets! Now that’s a really good idea. So many of the wonderful cat furnitiure we find online is in the USA and shipping costs means we can’t persuade the humans to buy it. And so far we’ve not worked out how to do it ourselves. (We are working on that!) But Whisker Studio has thought about this. You can get some of the bits and pieces you need from Ikea and then order in the extras from them.

Get it here… WhiskerStudio.

The kittypod Couchette

The Couchette is a double-sided chaise longue that looks wonderfully elegant. Multiple sides and angles for sharpening claws with wave-edge texture for extra claw appeal.  Great for scratching, sleeping and playing. I imagine it’d be great to throw around too, if you’re BIG like Harry. Not sure the humans would appreciate that though, :-) but they will like it’s elegant good looks.


Get it from www.kittypod.com

A Sink Bed For Cats!

Now here’s a cool design! If any of our readers are fond of sleeping sinks (you know who you are), well this is just for you! When you curl up in that wonderful, cool, perfectly shaped sink it’s so delicious! But somehow it really seems to annoy the humans (or make them laugh like a drain and start pointing cameras at you – either way, very irritating!)

little cat design ceramic cat bedWell Little Cat Design in the USA have come up with the perfect solution, a cat bed made of ceramic, designed just for the sink lovers among us…
the Cat’s Contour Ceramic Cat Bed.

little cat design ceramic cat bed

Isn’t it fabulous? So thoughtful! It was inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer a.k.a Buffcat who was spending all her time in the bathroom sink. Her humans wanted more quality time with her and came up with this wonderful idea, give Buffcat her own ceramic bed in the living room.

Amazing! Oh for humans like these!

You can read about how they came up with the design for the ceramic bed here.

You can find the beds here at Little Cat Design.

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